We strive to glorify God in the arts.

-ML Fine Arts Handbooks

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Fine arts are an important part of a well-rounded education and 87 percent of our student body is involved in a fine arts class every day! Read below to find out more about these opportunities:

Instrumental Music

Participation in the instrumental music programs begins with  Concert Band. Any students who demonstrate sufficient proficiency on a wind or percussion instrument have access to this performing arts class.

Concert Band typically participates in five concerts throughout the year: Christmas Pops and Sacred (December), Winter Band (February), Spring (March), and PRISM (May). 

All Concert Band members are also trained to participate in both the Pep Band (which plays for many home athletic events) and the Marching Band (primarily active in the month of May for the Blossomtime Festival Parade and the Memorial Day Parade). 

Interested students can also opt to play in the extracurricular Jazz Band, which typically meets alternately with the Concert Band during the school day. 

Individual band lessons are available on a limited basis for students who need extra time to reach a sufficient proficiency level for involvement in the regular band groups. 

Members of the band program are also able to be nominated for the opportunity to represent Michigan Lutheran High School in the annual WELS Band Festival, hosted on a rotating basis by one of our sister WELS area Lutheran high schools, prep schools or colleges throughout the country each spring.

Vocal Music

Concert Choir meets three times a week during the class day and primarily sings for our three main concerts: Christmas Sacred (December), Spring (March), and PRISM (May).  Students are taught basic techniques for developing their voices into a balanced choral sound. As an extracurricular vocal opportunity, students can audition each spring to be a part of the Festival Singers.  The Festival Singers are the “musical ambassadors”, visiting each of our association congregations throughout the school year to share a variety of music in their weekly worship services. 

The Festival Singers also represent Michigan Lutheran at the annual WELS Choral Festival, hosted on a rotating basis by one of our sister area Lutheran high schools throughout the country each fall, as well as providing special music for other events.


A wide variety of techniques are studied each semester in Art classes 1-4, resulting in student compositions that are often displayed around the school and in local community exhibits.

Art students have also been active in our after-school Art Club, as well as other activities, such as creating a mural on the walls outside our Music Room 

Art Courses Available

Elements of Art: This studio course is a one semester elective that focuses on the elements of art: line, shape, value, color, texture, and form.  Students will do weekly projects focusing on each of the elements and will learn how to use the elements to improve their artwork. 

Art Principles: This studio course is a one semester elective that focuses on the principles of design: balance, contrast, repetition, emphasis, unity, movement, and proportion. Students will do weekly projects that focus on these principles and will use them to strengthen their artwork. 

Art through History: This studio course is a one semester elective that will focus on art movements through history.  Students will learn about artists and art movements and will then create artwork in that style, learning from some of the greatest masters in history. 

Drawing: This studio course is a one semester elective that will focus on observational drawing techniques.  Students will learn skills such as creating a composition, drawing from reality, measuring, estimating size and visualizing proportional relationships in art.


Our Drama Class provides students with a basic knowledge of the non-technical aspects of the theater arts. Students are also given the opportunity to assist in the preparation of our annual spring drama production. 

Ranging from serious to comedy, musicals to children’s theater, students who get involved in after-school Drama can experience a wide variety of performance opportunities.

AVTech students use the exceptional inventory of lighting and sound equipment with which Michigan Lutheran High School has been blessed. Meeting at various times throughout the school year, this extracurricular crew experiences setting up microphones and running the sound system for concerts and other special events, as well planning and rigging stage lighting schemes for skits, concerts and the drama production.